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  • You are responsible for all backup and administrative maintenance of your systems
  • Server repair and maintenance is the responsibility of the customer
  • You must provide the mounting rails and related hardware for each system placed
  • Customer is responsible for their own system firewall setup
  • Physical access will be restricted, and must be coordinated with the facility contact person
  • Server racking will be performed by ITS personnel and/or the facility contact person
  • You must meet with ITS and facility contact personnel to review policies prior to systems going live
  • Software maintenance is not included.  The Customer is responsible for all software used on their equipment including licensing, updates, configuration, and protection against intrusion or corruption, data loss, and firewalls.
  • If a security threat is realized, it is the right of ITS to shutdown and equipment or ports needed to stem the threat and maintain network integrity and stability.
  • Customers are ultimately responsible for their own data.

Can I add equipment to the MPS Server Room whenever I like?