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A test of the backup generator system for the MPS building was conducted between 10-11am on Monday, January 16th.  This test was very important, since there was a lag between the time the house power went down and the generator power kicked in.  That meant that this test would help us evaluate the effectiveness of the server room UPS, the response of the facility cooling systems, and the behavior of the rack transfer switches.

All systems operated exactly as intended.  The UPS provided uninterrupted power during the switching between house and generator power.  In addition, single corded servers were successfully switched from house to backup power by the rack transfer switches, without interruption.  Finally, the cooling system successfully switched from the cooling tower to on-board compressor units within a couple of minutes, meaning that climate conditions were successfully maintained with in the optimal windows during the test.

With the successful completion of these tests, the MPS Server Room facility is now truly open to receiving equipment. If you are interested in housing server equipment in this facility, please contact John Johnston for more information.