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After discovering several issues related to networking and climate control deficiencies in the MPS Server Room, equipment was moved to a temporary space in Biochemistry pending the completion of various fixes.  To date, a separate VLAN has been established by MSU Network Services for the facility.  This should mitigate disruptions propagating through the network by unruly machines in the MPS and PSS buildings, by isolating equipment in the managed facility.  Problems with the UPS backup appear also to have been rectified.  However, cooling system modifications are needed before stable climate control conditions can be maintained consistently and reliably.  

Cooling system upgrades are expected to take from 3-6 months to complete, after which, equipment will be relocated back to the facility.

If your lab has rack mounted server equipment and need a place to host it, limited space is available on a rack in BMB.  I am actively monitoring the climate conditions in the space and maintain the relocated equipment there.  Space is very limited, so if you think you're interested, please send me an email.