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Viking and MySQL

The "viking" server used to provide MySQL service for OrthoMCL runs on the HPCC had a disk crash recently.  Fortunately, everything of importance was backed-up and the the system has been restored.  If you are a biological researcher at MSU and need MySQL server access for bioinformatics data analysis, please contact me for more information.  I can generally have you setup in about 1 day.  Storage space is somewhat limited, and I do not provide backend webhosting support, or long term data storage.  The MySQL service is for active bioinformatics analysis only.

Google Genomics

The latest "cloud" service offering for biological researchers is "Google Genomics".  For a fee, researchers can store and analyze data, perform variant searches, and execute a number of other bioinformatics tasks.  I would be interested in hearing from anyone that has had some experience using this service and what are the impressions, especially as compared to iPlant, Amazon, etc.?  Drop me a line if you have anything you'd be willing to share.