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The MPS Server Room is a Limited Access Area based on the Physical Security Standard.  General guidelines for the room include the following:

  • The server room is armed with a 24x7 alarm system with real-time alerts to the MSU Police Department.  If an alarm is triggered the Facilities Manager will be the initial person contacted followed by the Facility Contact person.
  • All work areas should be kept clean and free of debris.  Upon the completion of any work, staff should ensure that the area is left in a neat and order fashion.
  • Rack enclosures should be kept neat and free of manuals, cables, etc. Door on all racks should remain closed at all times, except when work is being performed.
  • ALL cabling to PDUs and switches must be completed by ITS personnel, and cables should never be strung outside the rack enclosures.
  • Two 35 amp PDUs are locate in each rack - one for house power and the other for UPS power.  14 amps will be the maximum load allowed per side for failover within each rack.
  • All visitors MUST be signed in on the log sheet within the Server Room, and accompanied by the Facility Contact person or other designate (e.g., ITS personnel, Facility Manager).

Server Room etiquette includes:

  • No food or drink is permitted
  • No hazardous materials are permitted
  • Do not power any electrical or mechanical devices without proper authorization from the Facilities Contact person, Facilities Manager, or IT personnel.
  • All packing materials should be removed from the Server Room following the installation of any equipment.
  • No cleaning supplies are allowed in the Server Room without prior approval of the Facility Contact person.
  • Only HEPA filter vacuums may be used in the Server Room
  • No cutting of materials (pipes, tiles, etc) is permitted
  • Boxes, tapes, CDs and other media should not be stored in the room.
  • Employees admitted to the room may only access equipment for with they are specifically responsible.
  • Do not touch any PDU unit in the room.
  • Do not touch the air conditioning equipment.
  • Keep the provided crash cart and data vac in the condition in which you found it.  Leave these in the server room and return them to their proper storage locations.