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Who May Apply to Place Equipment in the Server Room?

PI's engaging in life sciences research may apply for consideration to have equipment placed, providing they are members of one of the following Departments/Research Units:

  • Plant Biology (PLB)
  • Plant Research Laboratory (PRL)
  • Horticulture (Hort)
  • Plant, Soil, and Microbial Science (PSMS)
  • Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (BMB)

How does one apply?

First download the system inventory report and fill-in all required fields for each machine you'd like placed (one per row). Then email the facility contact with a copy of this spreadsheet, along with the following information (where appropriate):

  • What service(s) will the various systems provide?
  • Remote and physical access needs
  • Rack space requested
  • Server growth expected
  • VLAN information
  • Special compliance requirements?

Once this information has been provided, it will be forwarded to the MPS Server Room Committee for review and approval.

What services are provided by the MPS Server Room Facility?

The facility offers the following to its customers:

  • 24x7 environmental and security access monitoring
  • Scheduled and emergency maintenance and repair of cooling systems, switches, and other infrastructure
  • Fire suppression system
  • Security monitoring and access control
  • UPS power backup system
  • Emergency generator power
  • Rack mounting system
  • A crash cart with monitor, keyboard and mouse are provided for on-machine access.  This unit is to remain in the Server Room
  • A HEPA data vac is provided in a black case for customer use.
  • Wall sockets along the front and back of the racks are provided for laptop, monitor, vac, and other temporary hookups.

What are the responsibilities of the Customer?

Once your request has been approved, please be advised of the following responsibilities of server room tenants:

  • You are responsible for all backup and administrative maintenance of your systems
  • Server repair and maintenance is the responsibility of the customer
  • You must provide the mounting rails and related hardware for each system placed
  • Customer is responsible for their own system firewall setup
  • Physical access will be restricted, and must be coordinated with the facility contact person
  • Server racking will be performed by ITS personnel and/or the facility contact person
  • You must meet with ITS and facility contact personnel to review policies prior to systems going live
  • Software maintenance is not included.  The Customer is responsible for all software used on their equipment including licensing, updates, configuration, and protection against intrusion or corruption, data loss, and firewalls.
  • If a security threat is realized, it is the right of ITS to shutdown and equipment or ports needed to stem the threat and maintain network integrity and stability.
  • Customers are ultimately responsible for their own data.

Can I add equipment to the MPS Server Room whenever I like?

The short answer is "NO".  Because equipment needs to be certified for standard 42U racks, and due to the needs to ensure proper balancing of power and assignment of network ports, consultation with ITS is required prior to the installation of any new equipment.

The procedure for placing new equipment is as follows:

  • Amend your existing equipment inventory form to reflect any and all equipment changes
  • Contact the Facility Contact person and provide the updated form and any other relevant information
  • Your new equipment specifications will be reviewed and approved
  • If necessary, an additional consultation with ITS will be arranged
  • Once approval is received, coordinate with the Facility Contact person to schedule a time for equipment installation

How do I go about removing equipment from the MPS Server Room?

The procedure for removal is as follows:

  • Amend your existing equipment inventory form to reflect any and all equipment changes
  • Contact the Facility Contact person and provide the updated form and any other relevant information
  • Equipment removal procedures will be initiated with ITS to facilitate modifications for power hookups and networking
  • Once ITS work is complete, coordinate with the Facility Contact person to schedule a time for equipment removal