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The server facility uses two (2) Liebert cooling systems that are designed to maintain a consistent temperature of approximately 76 degrees F.  The system is further configured to maintain the dew point between 38 and 60 degrees F.  Humidification is added automatically at very low levels of humidity. 24x7 monitoring is used to ensure that temperature and humidity remain within the safe operating range.

In the event of cooling system issues, ITS will relay the information to the Facility Contact person and Facilities Manager who will follow-up with designated contacts supplied by the Customer.  Additionally, the Facility Manager maintains an independent climate monitoring system which can be made accessible to facility occupants at no charge.  Custom alerts can be setup to notify your staff of environmental changes or power outages via text message or email.

Power backup is provided by a dedicated UPS unit inside the server facility and the MPS Building backup generator.  Cooling system units are designed to switch to on-board compressors in the event of a power disruption that interrupts cooling tower service.

While every attempt will be made to provide supplemental cooling to the facility in the event of a problem with the Liebert unit, it may be advisable for customers to make arrangements to have their equipment powered down to mitigate potential damages caused by overheating while repairs are being made.  This is ultimately the responsibility of the Customer to ensure their equipment is powered down in the event of cooling problems.  Options for dealing with these events include:

  • A customer designated person may initiate a remote shutdown of the equipment
  • A customer designated person may initiate a physical shutdown of the equipment in coordination with the Facility Contact person or Facilities Manager
  • Arrangements can be made to have the Facility Contact person initiate a shutdown of the Customer's equipment (either remote or in-person)
  • Arrangements for emergency shutdown made with the Facility Contact person or Facilities Manager are subject to the availability of those persons to provide assistance, and Customers should have backup arrangements in-place should those individuals not be available at the time service is required.
  • Customer's may opt to leave their equipment powered-up, but understand that resulting damages caused by overheating are the final responsibility of the Customer
  • A form must be completed by the Customer which expresses their intent for how emergency power downs are to be performed and by whom, with named contingencies in the event one or more designated person is not available.
  • The ultimate responsibility for equipment protection always lies with the Customer.  Emergency shutdown arrangements made with the Facility Contact person or Facilities Manager are offered as a convenience, and are subject to the availability of those persons at the time of the event.

Once cooling repairs have been effected, Customers will be notified by the Facility Contact person.